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JANIMATRIX FREEBIES for Project Human Male & Female

Download the free Project Human Open Source Figures HERE

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10 EyeMats & textures for PH

10 EyeMats & Textures for PH

1.4MB zip

skintones for PHM&F

Skintone mats for PH M&F

80kb zip

PHF makeup kit for P5

P5 mt5s for PHF

450kb zip

5 faces for PHF

5 Faces for PHF

fc2, 115kb zip

unsquished MT for PHF head

MT object for PHF

1.04MB zip

Lavender&Feathers for PHF

Lavender&Feathers Skin Texture for PHF/PHFLo

474kb zip

Long nails MT for PHF

Long Nails MTs for PHF

196kb zip

Autumn skin for PHF

Autumn skin texture for PHF/PHFLo    1MB zip

QuikDress for PHF

QuikDress for PHF/PHFLoRes

 prop, textures, mt5's

P5  up,  2.5MB zip

Devlette MOR for PHF

Devlette MORpose for PHF

450kb zip

Skin for PHF

SkinMAT & textures for PHF

1.2MB zip

10 faces for PHFLO

Character Faces for PHFLoRes

P4/P5 .fc2's,  160kb zip

smartpropped jewelry

Necklace & Earrings for  V3, A3, & PHF  261kb zip

smartprop jewelry

Necklace & Earrings for  V3, A3, & PHF  324kb zip


Red earrings & 21 mt5's for PHF, A3, V3    540kb zip

Blingity earrings

Multi-fit earrings

P5up  99kb zip

Cabo earrings

Multi-fit earrings

P5up  323kb zip

P5 parenting poses

Parenting Poses (pz2's)

P5up  43kb zip

updated 12/17/05