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This is where I'll be posting freebies for ApolloMax.  Find him at the download link at the bottom of this page.

Click on any thumbnail to download, or RightClick/SaveTargetAs....

Skulz4All  CR2 Navel Piercing for AM/M3/D3/V4/V3/A3  330kb zip    

Conforming FlipFlops for AM + 10 pz2/mc6  P5+,  230kb zip

Necklace for AM and others

Smartprop Necklace, fits AM & others   P5+, 1.7MB zip


ResetMATs pose for ApolloMax  P5up  17kb zip

  AM Dial Groups pose

AM Dial Groups pose  50kb zip

semidieu already did a version of these which you might prefer to use.  see the main AM download link at the bottom of this page


updated 09/06/07