Here's a screenshot of the puzzler window....enjoy!download  planetrise puzzler  392kb zip

Product Title: Planetrise Puzzle

Author: render by janimatrix, puzzle by geoegress
Author E-mail: (render only)

Product Date: june 2005
Product Copyright: geoegress/janimatrix 2005

Render by janimatrix.  Copyright 2005.  All rights reserved.  

Puzzle by geoegress.  copyright 2005.

Ownership statements or list of licensed source material: 

Render was created by jan chalmers in Bryce5.
Puzzle created by geoegress (ken martin)

Needed Files List and System Required: 

a computer

Detailed Installation Instructions:
Unzip like normal.  Double-click the .exe file to start it up.  It runs from the folder it's in, doesn't need installation anywhere special.

Files List and Exact folder names & locations:





This file may be freely shared for noncommercial use.
From geoegress' notes to me:
"If you wish- put it in free stuff here [rendervisions] and at renderosity. 
It is TOTALLY yours to do with as you wish.   Totally!
I was thinking of starting a service for us artists to make these for 5 dollars per. Because I bought the Pro version I have the right to give em away or sell them. And all the other licenses don't grant that option plus they have advert links all over em that you can't change. Only the pay version like I have lets you pick and choose." 
Contact Geo for info on making your renders into puzzlers!

..and my many thanks to him for choosing one of mine to play with!

"Although we are all in the gutter- some of us look up to see the stars."