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This is where I'll be posting freebie add-ons for any of my products.  You'll need the particular product, of course, for them to do you any good....

Click on any thumbnail to download, or RightClick/SaveTargetAs....

AddOn Texture for any version SurangsJewels(RMP)  1.18mbzip

for SurangsJewelsV3

Reversed(downturned)Tips V3version only  plus metal P5 mt5's          230kb zip

Aiko3 fits, SurangsJewelsV3

Aiko3 fits for SurangsJewels V3 version only 530kb zip

bonus maya mats

Bonus MATs P5up for MayaM3/V3/V4 (RMP)     90kb zip

D3 FITs for MayaM3 props

D3 FITposes for MayaM3(RMP) P5+,  280kb zip

D3 FITs for AlohaV4(RMP)

D3 FITposes for AlohaV4(RMP)  P5+,   100kb zip

v3 to v4 fitposes

FITposes P5up, my V3 jewelry(free&commerc) to  V4  30kb zip

updated 07/19/07